Guidelines for the PAS blog on performance audit practice

In 2021, we launched the PAS blog on performance audit practice as an online forum for sharing knowledge and perspectives on initiatives and topics that are of direct interest to performance audit practitioners across the globe. We appreciate the first valuable submissions to the blog, and we are looking forward to receiving more contributions on themes or issues that members or other audit related entities wish to highlight and share.

For this purpose, we have prepared the following set of guidelines for the management of the blog and its content. We have also set up a panel of reviewers to support the process and provide any support needed by those contributing.

  • Please attach your blog contribution in a Word format in an email addressed to the PAS panel of reviewers supporting the blog, at
  • Content should be relevant to the profession of performance audit.
  • It is important that your contribution does not exceed 700 words. If the topic or idea does not lend itself to a brief summary, a shortened introduction in the blog could link to a PDF of the full content. 
  • Consider including hyperlinks to relevant documents, videos, and/or other materials. Please also test the copied hyperlinks to ensure that these work properly.
  • Graphics and other visuals are encouraged. As blogs are often scanned, the use of bullets, bold/italics/underlining, headings and sub-headings, and white space can help keep the reader’s attention.
  • You will need to reference source materials, where relevant, and provide appropriate attribution.
  • The panel of reviewers will review blogs for readability and may perform light edits as appropriate. The reviewers will also consider applicability to performance audit and ensure appropriate INTOSAI guidance references.
  • You can expect to receive feedback on your submission with two weeks after sending us your contribution.

Please consider contributing to the PAS Blog! It provides a great opportunity for increased engagement and knowledge sharing. 

If you have any questions regarding the blog or potential submissions, please reach out to the blog’s panel of reviewers at

Warm regards,

PAS reviewers for the blog

Cathleen Berrick, U.S. Government Accountability Office

Wilfred Aquilina, European Court of Auditors