The Performance Audit Subcommittee met online 25-26 May 2021 to discuss urgent practical and technical matters. Due to the pandemic, it was our first meeting since South Africa, in 2019.

The PAS Chair is very thankful that so many SAIs (24) and all observers to PAS were able to attend despite the inconvenience caused by time difference for many of you. The downside of having a virtual meeting was that we had time differences of up to seventeen hours or more, and to limit any inconvenience, we met for only 2 hours both days. This means that the online event could not fully replace the ordinary, annual PAS meeting of two full days, something that obviously influenced the agenda and called for strict priorities.

Due to time constraints, we were unfortunately unable to address agenda item 2-C (Day 2) on PAS priorities. Mapping out the details of the work plan in terms of priorities and resources is an important matter that needs to be addressed in another meeting as soon as possible. We hope to be able to organise more online events and workshops in the next few months to follow up on the May session, and until we can meet again in person, next time in London.

Documents, PAS online meeting 25-26 May 2021: