The overall strategies of the PAS are reported in a triennial work plan, which corresponds with the INCOSAI cycles and is approved by consensus at the first PAS meeting after the INCOSAI.

The 2017-2019 PAS Work Plan was focused around four broader themes:

  1. Supporting the implementation of the ISSAI 3000 series.
  2. Working with the PSC and FIPP on realizing the “Strategic Development Plan for the INTOSAI Framework of Professional Pronouncements 2017-2019”.
  3. Working with the INTOSAI Chair on realizing the INTOSAI Strategic Plan, Crosscutting Priority 2: “Contributing to the follow-up and review of the Sustainable Development Goals within the context of each nation´s specific sustainable development efforts and SAIs´ individual mandates”, hereunder initiative 2: “Undertaking performance audits that examine the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of key government programmes that contribute to specific aspects of the SDGs”.
  4. Being an arena for sharing good practice in performance audit.

Defining specific tasks and projects within these themes has been an ongoing task since 2017, and most efforts have been linked to number 2: the SDP for the IFPP 2017-2019 (link). Ongoing SDP projects are carried over to the PAS Work Plan 2020-2022.

For more information about PAS involvement in the SDP for the IFPP 2017-2019, please contact PAS Secretariat.

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